Banner of Nagarythe

Banner of Nagarythe

During the Sundering, many of Nagarythe's treasures were lost in battle or destroyed by natural disaster. Those that remained were greedily seized upon by nobles of both allegiances. Some fell into the hands of the Aesanar, who hid them away from Malekith's forces, but the most important were taken by the Dark Elves. The Banner of Nagarythe is the greatest of all such treasures, woven through with silver thread and inlaid with pearls and diamonds. For the Dark Elves, the Banner of Nagarythe is a physical reminder of the injustices heaped upon them by the Phoenix Throne. Moreover, it is the personal standard of the Witch King proclaims his right to rule not only Naggaroth, but the ten kingdoms of Ulthuan as well. For their part, the Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe deem this banner too mired in corruption and betrayal to any longer have any wholesome purpose. They seek not its return, but its destruction.[1a][2a]


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