After the Goblin Wars, and the fall of some ofthe most fabled Dwarf holds, the High King Kurgan Ironbeard ordered a special banner constructed. Its making was unusual — many Runelords whose holds had been destroyed worked together, even though the master craftsmen typically guard their secrets with jealous fervour. By combining their skills, they constructed the Banner of Lost Holds. Upon it can be seen the marks of Karak Drazh, the symbol of Karak Varn, the ancestral icons of Karak Ungor and a dozen of the lesser Dwarf holds lost through the ages. Kept in Karaz-a-Karak in the High King’s Hall, the Banner of Lost Holds is gifted to throngs in times of war so that the flames of vengeance might be rekindled once more into searing hot revenge. The Dwarfs will never forget and never forgive. To fight beneath this storied banner is to recall the fury of so many wrongs done to their race.


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