A banner is a large flag made of linen, wool, or silk (depending on craftsmanship) and features the colours and symbol of an Elector Count or House. Banners also feature mottos, symbols of the Gods, and sometimes other decorations like skulls, eagles, or in the case of Chaos, living, crucified men. Banners come with poles fitted with a crossbar on which to hang it.[1a]

State Troop Standards

As regiments gain renown, their standards become talismans that are just as important as their sword-arms. Some regimental standards are hundreds of years old – physical representations of their regiments, even as members join and die in battle, or – if they are lucky – are relieved of duty and sent back to their old lives with a modest pension. The latter is rare, for there are always wars to fight for the Empire and for Sigmar![2a]



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