The curse of the Master Vigilant is that all his deeds must go unsung. Even among his own kind, the wizards of the Magic Orders, he must remain unknown. Only his immediate superior and the magister lord of his Order know his identity.[1a]

Thus it is that the world will never hear of Magister Bane, the most successful master vigilant of recent history. It was he who consigned to flames the tower of Magister Leidenschaft deep in the Forest of Shadows, burning the wizard on a pyre of his forbidden parchments, a fitting end for one who parleyed with daemons. It was he who uncovered the Distaff Plot, which threatened the life of the Emperor during a diplomatic voyage to Bretonnia shortly after his accession.[1a]

A hag-raised storm would have swamped the Imperial fleet were it not for the intervention of the common folk Bane had roused against the witches. The master vigilant took great delight in beheading the instigator of the plot, Countess Merelda van Oust, in the boudoir of her Marienburg mansion. His silver stake reduced the vampiress to ashes.[1a]

What does Bane look like? What is his real name? Nobody knows. But without him, a dangerous world would be more perilous still.[1a]


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