Deep in the birch forests in the heartland of Kislev lives Baba Yaga, meagre as a skeleton, stronger than iron and more powerful than any other witch. Her crooked hut stands on chicken legs of bronze and the fence around it is built from the bones of humans and beastmen. Skulls perched atop the spikes of this gruesome construction glow with a eerie light when darkness falls.[1a]

Baba Yaga lives a solitary life, caring little for the fate of Tzars or of Kingdoms. However, her power is still tied to the land and when Kislev is threatened, Baba Yaga will rouse and cast great enchantments over her house. The magical construction takes a life of its own and carries its mistress into battle, crushing those who would threaten the power of Baba Yaga.[1a]

Baba Yaga is capable with Battle Magic, Ice Magic, and Dark Magic.[1a]

The Chicken Legged Hut

The Chicken-Legged Hut is believed to be merely a legend by most Kislevites. However, the Witch Baba Yaga knows the ancient formula for bringing a hut alive. Occasionally she rides her sinister Chicken-Legged Hut to battle to protect her homeland of Kislev from those who would destroy it and, ultimately, her source of power.[1a]


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