Admiral Baarten was the captain of a Marienburg merchant fleet that traded with the Border Princes, until one fateful day when it ran afoul of Sartosan pirates. Three trading cogs carrying ivory and Cathayan silk were captured by the pirates, and two were sunk. Baarten's damaged command frigate fled into a coral reef. The captain barely escaped with his life. Returning to Marienburg responsible for a two million Guilder loss, Baarten drank away the next four years on the Suiddock pier.[2a]

Marienburg's press gangs recruited Admiral Baarten into service on three occasions. Granted, Baarten had been an able seaman before gaining captaincy so he knew how to tie a knot, but the wages were terrible and his fellow sailors treated him with disrespect now that he was their equal.[2a]

Baarten's fortunes turned when a wealthy benefactor bought the ships of a bankrupt merchant and offered Baarten a job as admiral of a small privateer fleet. Baarten has achieved resounding success hunting pirates with a 54-gun war galley and two old trading carracks refitted to carry 18 guns apiece. His marine force now exceeds 200 men.[2a]


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