"Southlander weaklings! Face me in the arena! I'll take you all on, by myself! Hack me down if you can! I need no aid against Southlander weaklings."
Bödvarr, challenging the enemies of Nurgle.[1]

Bödvarr Ribspreader, Champion of the Rotbloods.[1]

Bödvarr Ribspreader was a hulking Chaos Champion of Nurgle.


Bödvarr was the leader of a vast Nurgle worshipping warband known as the "Rotbloods". The Ribspreader was a massive warrior, bedecked in heavy, rusted Chaos Armour and donning a large cloak of fur. His horned helmet covered a decayed face with with no nose or lips, the latter having rotted away to expose a maw of sharpened teeth. In battle he wielded a massive greataxe, bearing the glowing, green runes of Nurgle.[1]

During the events of the End Times, the Ribspreader gained control over a contingent of Skaven, ordering them to build a mechanical portal called the ‘’Skittergate’’. From this portal Bödvarr intended to teleport his plague-ridden army into the heart of the Empire town of Helmgart, conquering it in the name of the Crowfather.[1]

The Ribspreader’s plans were thwarted however when the Skittergate malfunctioned, a risk taken by using any Skaven technology. Forced to try finding another advantage, the Champion ordered his great Sorcerer Lord to unleash a devastating plague on the occupants of Helmgart instead. This failed when a group of heroes managed to assassinate both the Sorcerer and one of his most influential Skaven underlings.[1]

Enraged at this thorn in his side, Bödvarr ordered the majority of his forces to locate his enemy’s base of operations and slaughter its occupants. This left his warcamp lightly defended however, allowing the heroes to infiltrate it, slaying many of his guards in the process.[1]

The Chaos Champion engaged the adventurers at the very heart of his camp, but despite all his might, he was ultimately slain.[1]


  • Bödvarr Ribspreader
  • The ruler of the Rotblood tribe


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