Azure Princes

The Azure Princes

Most sorcerers are wary of taking on apprentices to their dark arts, lest treachery from their students curtail their lives in spectacular fashion. Not so Vilitch, who deemed that a vast coven of acolytes increased his standing in Tzeentch's eyes. Perhaps that was true, for certainly the Great Sorcerer's servants sent frequent warnings to ensure that Vilitch was never taken entirely unprepared. Though each of the Azure Princes knew but a small fraction of the sorcerous lore known to their master, together their power rivaled that of one of the fallen Colleges of Magic. Or rather, it would have done had Vilitch not spent their lives so carelessly in the months of siege. At Bolgen, only six of the Azure Princes remained alive.[1a]

Their number included Chaos Sorcerer Lord Adroch, First Amongst the Azure; and the Chaos sorcerers Veredon, Second Amongst the Azure, Borath, Third Amongst the Azure, and Gast, Narak, and Tievoth, Aspiring Amongst the Azure.[1b]


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