Of all the hand weapons, except for the club, axes are the oldest, having evolved from simple cutting tools with stone heads. Evidence of this fact persists to the present day, with the crude flint axes wielded by Norscan berserkers on occasion. The less civilized Greenskins often use stone axes.[1a]

The modern axe is a long-hafted weapon with a wedge-shaped blade at one end. Usually, there is a leather wrap around the handle to improve the grip along with a thong to hang it from a weapon belt. The blade itself features a socket that fits tightly over the haft. There are many variations in axes. Some feature crescent-shaped blades or a spike opposite of the blade. Others have a cutting blade on either side of the socket, essentially providing a double head.[1a][1b]

Types of Axes

  • Axe: This is a simple tool that is also a suitable weapon. It features a wedge-shaped axe-head at the top of a wooden haft. It usually lacks the modern socket, and the stone head is instead wedged into the wood of the haft and bound with cord.[1b]
  • Battle Axe: This weapon features a broad iron cutting head and often has a spike on the backside. The haft is reinforced with steel, and there is usually a tightly wrapped leather grip around the handle. These axes sometimes have inscriptions of prayers to Ulric.[1b]
  • Bearded Axe: Slightly larger than the normal axe, the bearded axe features a notched and curved head.[1b]


  • Dwarf Axe Concept art from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


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