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A map of Axe Bite Pass.

Axe Bite Pass is the only road wide enough to allow armies in and out of Bretonnia, and so it is heavily guarded.


The Dukedom of Montfort guards the Bretonnian end of Axe Bite Pass, whilst fiefs have been established across its length. Most of these nobles have encouraged inns in the protection of their castles and derive their income mainly from taxes and tolls.[1]

At either end of the sheer-sided valley stands a mighty fortress, spanning the gap. On the Bretonnian side is Castle Montfort; on the Empire side is Helmgart. Countless battles have been fought in the valley between the two castles, for the peace between Bretonnia and the Empire is a fractious thing, and there has been blood spilt on numerous occasions. Castle Montfort itself was famously besieged in what became known as the Battle of Montfort, surrounded by the grand army of Reikland and their Mercenary allies. To this day, the siege is regarded as the single bloodiest confrontation to occur between the Bretonnian crown and the Sigmarite Empire - one that the Imperial Court has refused to discuss.[3][4]

An area of Axe Bite Pass, known as Ludwig's Nose, is famous for receiving sunlight for no more than an hour a day, and it is normally cloudy any way. Axe Bite Pass has also been the site of several intense battles throughout Bretonnian history.[1]

Travel over Axe Bite Pass is dangerous. It is rumoured that entire merchant trains have gone missing, their members carried off to the larder of some Stone Troll or Giant.[2a]


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