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The Kingdom of Avelorn is the oldest of all the Elven realms. Ancient glamours lie upon its tangled groves, and creatures of legend still walk beneath its eaves. Yet Avelorn's glories are maintained only by the constant watchfulness of the rangers that guard its borders, for the monsters of the Annulii Mountains are drawn to this realm as to no other; scarcely a day passes without an attack by some dread creature. Avelorn is ruled by the Everqueen, the chosen of the Earth Mother, mistress of the undying forest, preserver of green fastness, observer of the rites of the golden spring, monarch of one of the Twin Thrones of Ulthuan.[1a]

As such, she holds tremendous power and prestige — her only real peer is the Phoenix King himself. Often, there is rivalry between the two Thrones, but this balance is at the very heart of the High Elves' concepts of hierarchy — being ruled by a single all-powerful dictator would be unthinkable to them. The court of the Everqueen moves through Avelorn from place to place like a great carnival, pitching silken pavilions wherever it halts. By day, silver laughter rings through the forest as the Elves make sport. By night, faerie lights flicker in the darkness, illuminating the revels and feasting. With its perfect weather, bountiful forests and beautiful near-immortal inhabitants, Avelorn seems the sort of verdant paradise of which mortal men can only dream.[1a]

Those who dwell here specialise in archery. It is said that some of the Wood Elf kindreds of Athel Loren in the Old World are descended from the people of Avelorn. The most renowned regiment of Avelorn is the Everqueen's warrior guard of Elf Maids. Warriors of Avelorn are most likely to wear green plumes or embroidered decoration with floral designs. Armour may sometimes be styled in floral or leaf shapes.[2a]

The Everqueen herself rarely ventures openly among the court until she knows whom she will choose to accompany her glorious cavalcade through the forest realm. Because of this, and the presence of the Handmaidens, Avelorn can become a hotbed of ego and intrigue, where every performer vies for the favour of the Everqueen and the chance at a place at her side. To be chosen as consort or Handmaiden is the highest honour for a youth of Ulthuan, but those whose artistry fails to impress the fickle inhabitants of the forest soon find themselves objects of ridicule. So it is that in Avelorn excellence is the least expected of a performer.[3c]

Yet, when the Everqueen walks among her subjects, a subtle vibration can be felt racing through the whole forest, invigorating all with burgeoning anticipation and excitement.[3c] In time, and though no one sees them come, fresh pavilions with an ethereal quality of simple grace appear in the midst of the forest, ones that have no cords or poles to support them, and are held aloft by the soft winds that gust around them. Lights flit around these pavilions, and golden armoured Elf-maids ring them, though their presence does not detract from the peace and tranquility of the scene. A pale nimbus of light builds within the pavilion. The skin of the tent peels back and a bright light like that of the sun upon golden fields pours from inside. Amid the wondrous halo of shimmering brilliance, the Everqueen emerges.[3d]

Though musicians play, the forest itself provides accompaniment for her in the form of trilling birds, the gurgling of the streams, and the sighing of the wind through the excited branches of nearby trees, for the land itself welcomes her. Behind the Everqueen, a Handmaiden bears a banner of emerald tree leaves woven with golden hair. The light of the forest is captured in the banner, bearing the heart of Avelorn in its rustling, living fabric. White flowers spring from the ground wherever she walks, and her radiance turns all other blooms to face her.[3d]

As the Everqueen moves amongst the people of the forest, she touches the forehead of kneeling elves, selecting them, the foremost artistes, poets, musicians, artisans and mages, to become part of her court, their jubilant laughter upon rising to their feet like the chiming of the clearest of golden bells. From there, the Handmaidens lead the chosen into the forest.[3d]

Locations of Note


  • In Defenders of Ulthuan, the Everqueen's court is known for having naked dancers.[3a]
  • Music is ever present within the forests of Avelorn, following travellers as it echoes their songs, or plays music of its own. A potent sense of ancient magic lurks beneath such bewitching glamours. Heavenly fragrances also hang heavily in the air.[3b]
  • Among the many sights to be seen in Avelorn, one may find elf-maids clad in shimmering gowns of mist on the back of unicorns, golden feathered eagles soaring high above the canopy, and, upon descending near a shadowed dell, the creaking, heavy footfalls of the ancient forest's treemen.[3b] Glittering sprites dart from tree to tree to light the folk of the forest at night as they create their art. Gaily coloured pavilions are pitched randomly as all manner of elves from across Ulthuan come to play and make merry in the Everqueen's forest.[3c]
  • Avelorn's name is a play on Avalon, the island from real-world Arthurian legend.


  • Concept art of Avelorn from Warhammer: Age of Reckoning


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