Gunnery Master August Scheinmeier is, put simply, the finest Gunner in the whole of the Empire. His accuracy is legendary, and his ability to calculate firing trajectories in his head is a rare talent indeed. He is somewhat less successful at passing on his exceptional skills to others, but he does produce plenty of serviceable artillerymen as well as the occasional prodigy. Only on rare occasions does Scheinmeier himself go to war; he is old and no longer in the best of health. He has a reputation for being haughty because of his tendency to ignore questions directed at him. What is little known is that Scheinmeier is almost completely deaf from years of being too close to Gunpowder reports. He is adept at lip-reading, but persons talking to him out of his line of sight are unlikely to receive a response.[1a]

Scheinmeier is tall and gaunt. His face is bony, with a craggy nose and forehead, and his bushy eyebrows are a dirty shade of brown. He is mostly bald, save for a bit of steel grey fringe at the back of his head that runs from ear to ear. He wears square Spectacles at all times, often resting them on the crown of his head to look at something up close or to read. He keeps to himself and is cold and businesslike, both on the firing range and in battle. His sole interest is in his Guns, and his artillery weapon of choice is the ancient Bronze Maiden, delivered to the armies of the Emperor by the first Master Gunsmith of the school, the Dwarf Odvar Hallgren. Scheinmeier seems to have an incredible affinity for this particular gun, and can tell how well she’ll do in any given battle, suggesting her mood to the crew before the first shot is fired. There are whispers that Scheinmeier is touched by the Dark Powers; his loyalty to the Empire has never been in doubt, but his talents are remarkable and at times seem unnatural. Scheinmeier is an honorary member of the Mechanic's Guild.[1a]


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