The lively town of Auerswald rises by the confluences of the Teufel, Tranig, and Ober rivers, so is on one of the busiest — and thus best patrolled — trade routes of the Reikland. The folk of Auerswald tend to be strong willed and determined, but their easy charm and famous wit ensures no matter how steely their negotiations, they rarely cause offence.[1a]

The ruling graf, Ferdinand von Wallenstein, leaves the running of Auerswald to a council of burgomeisters, far preferring his luxurious palaces in Altdorf and Nuln to dirtying his hands with direct rule. His uncle, Lord Adelbert von Wallenstein, is a grizzled but hale, old warhorse who spends most of his days rooting out Goblins and bandits in the Reikwald to the east of the town.[1a][1b]

Much of Auerswald is built on thick stilts over the floodplain of the River Teufel, which is often in spate. Connected by a bewildering labyrinth of ramps, bridges and rope ladders, outsiders can easily become lost. More than one careless carouser has fallen to a muddy death after over-indulging themselves in the local taverns.[1b]

In recent years, rumours have sprung up about an organised gang of blackmailers and confidence tricksters operating from the town, though no witnesses have lived long enough to testify to their existence.[1b]

The Lowhavens are a Halfling crime family from Auerswald, whose members include the euphemistically-named Aloysius the Butcher, Bornelium the Baker, and Cocker the Carver. They are currently blackmailing the entire town council, and have a dossier on Graf Ferdinand von Wallenstein's activities the last time he was in Nuln for Blackpowder Week. However, they have failed to consider Adelbert von Wallenstein, expecting the old dotard to be preoccupied with chasing after goblins…[3a]


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