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In life, Athranbor was the High Thane and Surpreme Commander of Karak Azgal’s Ironbreaker regiment. Ironbreakers are elite Dwarf warriors that wear gromril armour inscribed with magical runes to protect them. When the Black Orc Warlord Garbash the Slayer attacked Karak Azgal, Athranbor led his men in a desperate defence. Outnumbered more than five-to-one, they drove the invader away. When it was over, he and his men could barely be seen above the corpses of the Orcs they had slain.[1a]


Athranbor wields an axe and a shield and wears full plate gromril armour inscribed with a Rune of Forging. This armour is priceless. Even if a Dwarf among them tries to use it, he invariably draws much attention to himself from thieves and Dwarfs alike. The Dwarfs of Karak Azgal will certainly not be happy that a common adventurer is wearing gromril armour of such ancestry. His crypt does not contain any other treasure.[1a]


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