Atharti is the Elven Goddess of Pleasure and Seduction, often depicted as a masked figure entwined with blood-red snakes. She has a profound rivalry with her sister Hekarti, and each has made many attempts to slay the other. The Lady of Desire is a mistress of all forms of seduction, and the very sight of her is said to cause mortals to collapse in complete and unquestioning abasement. For this reason, those Naggarothi who infiltrate High Elf society count Atharti amongst their foremost patrons, for only she can unlock the hearts and minds of those they wish to corrupt.[1a]

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Atharti may be a play on Astarte, the Phonecian goddess of fertility, sex, and war. Her name appears in Ugaritic as ʻAthtart or ʻAṯtart,. After her cult arrived in Kythera - whose name is both a port town and the magical realm of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, many suspect the two gods are one and the same.


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