On Ulthuan, Chess is played differently to its Old World contemporaries. Gold and silver pieces make up the game, with gold going first. The goal of the game is to capture the opponent's Everqueen.[1a]

Known Game Pieces

  • Everqueen x1 - Capturing means victory; tipping over resigns the player.
  • Gryphon Riders


  • Tyrion is known for being a master of the game, besting even Korhien Ironglaive, who allegedly was the best player within the Phoenix Court. Said-players have both beaten Teclis and Arathion.[1a]
  • Phoenix King Finubar makes no secret of betting money on the plays of his White Lion bodyguards. Indeed, he admits to envying Tyrion's talent for the game, joking that he wouldn't lose nearly as much gold playing against his White Lions if he had the prince's gift.[1b]


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