Asperon Khitain is a Dark Elf noble of the House Khitain. He wields a blade with a wire-wound grip, crafted in the forges of Hag Graef, and quenched in the blood of slaves. His armour is the colour of Bloodwine, fresh from the vine, and he binds his long, dark hair in a trailing scalp-lock. He fought during the events leading to the Battle of Finuval Plain, killing and pillaging through the northern forests of Ulthuan, hunting the Everqueen in her realm of Avelorn. This was before she was saved by Prince Tyrion, stalling the Dark Elf invasion. Years later, he hopes to one day hang the red banner of his House above the ruins of Lothern, relentlessly drilling his men on the rugged harshness of the Iron Mountains surrounding Hag Graef.[1a]


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