"‘Queen Freya! Destroyer of the Redmaw Tribe, conqueror of the stunted thieves and slayer of the Great Fang! Lover of a thousand men and Mistress of the Eastern Plains, I come before you to pay homage to your father, and to sup from your strength to measure it against my own!’"
Queen Freya, ruler of the Asoborn as she entered the Funeral of King Bjorn Unberogen[2a]
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Warhammer Asoborn Horsemen

The Asoborns often fought naked or half-naked and adorn their entire body in crude warpaint, giving them a feral apperance

The Asoborn are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today Stirland, and as such the Asoborn are the direct ancestors of the modern day Stirlander. Like many other tribes, the Asoborn came into the lands of the Empire in -1000 IC and settled within the lands between the Stir River and Aver River.[1a] They claimed the land after driving out the native Styrigen, who either fled east into the lands of the Fennonen that would later form Sylvania or chose to make their last stand on the graves of their ancestors and were slaughtered.[3a]

In the early days of Sigmar's reign as King of the Unberogen, the Asoborn were described as a feral, matriarchal race led by their ruler, Queen Freya who was said to have strangled her incompetent husband and led her tribe to greater glory as a result.[2b]

Their homes between the two rivers are described as sparsely forested, giving rise to a fondness of Charioteers like their southern neighbors, the Brigundians. Indeed, for it is said that no one knows truly where their settlements are, not even Sigmar himself when he came to their lands in hopes of bringing them to the fold. In battle, the Asoborn are particularly known for their wild features, even in comparison to other tribes, being known to fight naked or half-naked, and adorning flaring hairstyles and crude blue warpaint into battle. One of their greatest reputation is the fact that many tribes have strong respects for the fierce warrior-women that often accompany their men to battle.[2b]

When Sigmar came to the lands of the Asoborns, they've blindfolded the future God of Mankind and brought them to the throneroom of Queen Freya, where she and nearly half of her entire entourage waited, wearing almost nothing save perhaps for a few fur-skin cloaks and breeches, as is custom in their society. Queen Freya accepted King Sigmar's gifts of armor, weapons and the finest stubs of warhorses the Unberogens have to offer, yet to seal the deal, Sigmar also promised a night with Queen Freya, the famed warrior-queen of the Asoborn. With the deal struck, the Asoborns became fierce allies of Sigmar and a proud founding member of the newly formed Empire.[2b]


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