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Asaph is the Goddess of Beauty, Magic and Vengeance of ancient Nehekhara. Sometimes Asaph takes the form of an asp, although even under that aspect she is captivating. According to Nehekharan tradition, it was Asaph who persuaded Ptra to pity Humans and give them a land to dwell on. The veneration of Asaph was great throughout the kingdom, but nowhere more so than in Lybaras, thus also known as the Tomb City of Asaph.

Asaph was also the patroness of the archers of ancient Nehekhara who carried arrows whose bronze points were forged and blessed in the heart of the sacred temples of the Asp goddess, which gave them an incredible aim and precision to reach their objectives.

Currently, the goddess acts on the earth through the mummified body of Queen Khalida Neferher of Lybaras. It was Asaph who saved Khalida from becoming a Vampire, after being mortally wounded by her cousin Neferata and bestowing on her the dark gift against her will. Although she died and was mummified, she was purified of all evil and blessed by Asaph, and ever since Khalida awakens to fulfill her will, the power of the asp goddess floods her body with divine energy, infusing life and power to her mummified remains with the drive to defeat their enemies.

Canon conflict

  • In the Nagash trilogy, Asaph is the patroness goddess of Lahmia, instead of Lybaras, whose patron god was Tahoth.


  • Nine is Asaph's sacred number.[1a]
  • Asaph seems to be an analog of the Egyptian goddess Wadjet.


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