"Please remain still, my lord. It is rather difficult to capture the majesty of your countenance if you continue to scratch yourself so. Perfect! Now hold that pose for just a few seconds more if you please. And there you've gone and done it again. Might I suggest you pay a visit to the apothecary? He may have several effective remedies for lice, especially if you find your incessant squirming as bothersome as I do…"
Gottlieb Toman, Painter, prior to his execution[1a]


Artists are artisans who create works of fine art, such as painters, sculptors, and poets. Most artists start as apprentices to masters. The most successful masters have wealthy patrons and form their own schools, working in the Old World's most fashionable salons.[1a]

However, the vast majority of artists never see such success. Some make a living working as satirical cartoonists for Altdorf broadsheets, forensic sketch artists for watch stations, or even art forgers. However, Imperial society has little appreciation for the vast majority of its artists.[1a]

Artists often find themselves on the road, be they in search of a new benefactor or simply inspiration. Temples and abbeys often commission the creation of frescoes and other religious artworks. Artists will come from far and wide to gain one of these commissions.[1a]


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