"You must understand, my boy, that Wurtbad's wine has a reputation. This bottle looks like it was blown through a Hochland long rifle. Simply unacceptable."
Frau Flasmeister, Glassblowers' Guildmaster[2a]


Artisans are skilled craftsmen who produce and repair goods.[1a][2a] The ranks of artisans are filled with bakers and chandlers, smiths and shipwrights.[2a] Most commonly found in towns and cities, Artisans are organized into a bewildering variety of guilds.[1a] These guilds are designed to protect skilled artisans from incompetent fraudsters who could undercut profits.[2a] The best craftsmen are attracted to the largest cities, such as Altdorf, Marienburg and Nuln. There they can command high prices from the richest clientele, or work with Merchants who can sell their goods in more distant locales. Some Artisans are so famous that even Nobles must put their names on waiting lists, for to have the work of a renowned master is sign of status. The masterwork of an Artisan is truly something to behold.[1a]

In Imperial cities, Dwarfs and Elves usually are allowed to practice a craft without being a member of that guild- and neither would want to stoop to join a human's guild anyway. Halflings, on the other hand, would be perfectly content to join a human craft guild, if allowed.[2a]


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