“Wot? Wot? You’ll have to speak louder, lad? The cannons are barkin’ fierce today.”
—Anonymous Artillerist[2a]

The Artillerist is skilled at operating all manner of siege weapons, from the ballista to the trebuchet, and even gunpowder devices like the cannon, mortar and Hellblaster Volley Gun of the Imperial arsenal. Field repairs are often necessary when a wheel breaks or a gun carriage cracks, and a smart Artillerist quickly learns how to make temporary repairs to ensure minimal interruption in firing rate. Artillerists rely on teamwork and command groups of Engineers to operate their weapons effectively. They are rarely found outside of a large army.[2a]


Part Engineer, part Soldier, and all target, Artillerists must learn to take care of themselves on the battlefield. Generally they are far enough behind the battle lines to be out of danger, but the effectiveness of their weaponry makes them favourite targets for enemy missile fire, flying creatures, and magical attacks. Also, moving the various engines around is hard work under the best of conditions; over muddy, rutted, rock-strewn battlefields it can be an endurance test with lives hanging in the balance. The career of an Artillerist is not all glory, as is frequently supposed.[2a]

Trust in Sigmar but Keep Your Powder Dry

An Artillerist lives and dies on the battlefield by his skill in operating and maintaining his gun. Because of this, an Artillerist is taught to put nothing above the care of his gun. He obsessively cleans and maintains it, practices often and polishes it until it shines. Some Artillerists go so far as to give their guns female names and talk or even sing to them. This has led to most state troop regiments regarding Artillerists as more than a little strange. Of course, as long as the big guns keep firing, they are not going to complain.[1a][2a]


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