Arrer Boyz-0

An Arrer Boy on the hunt.

Arrer Boyz are those unusual Orcs whom have taken up the uncommon skill of archery, usually banding together into their own warbands and providing Greenskin armies with missile troops equipped with crude yet effective composite bows.


Since most Orcs prefer the use of close-combats weapons such as a choppa, Arrer Boyz are not the most numerous missile troops within a Greenskin armies, for these positions are often reserved for warbands of Goblin archers. In fact, it is common for other Orcs to continuously mock their odd brethren for using a weapon that is considered fit for only their shorter and more cowardly cousins. Though mocked relentlessly, these Orcs are keen to keep clear from a camp of Arrer Boyz, for they have a savage tendency to shoot at any passer-by that just so happens to walk by their camp as a means of "target practice".[1a]

When roused to battle, these Orcs would usually congregate into their own warband and fight as a force of light-armoured skirmishers or missile troops. Far more dependable then their cowardly Goblin counterpart, these Orcs have been known hold their ground and be near the thickest of the fighting. Orcs are never known for their accuracy, but the ferocity of their volleys prove dangerous enough that it can still decimate enemy regiments in a hail of crude arrow-tips.[1a]


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