Not surprisingly, the Armourers and Weaponsmiths are one of the larger craftguilds in Dwarf society. Their renowned skill has resulted in a demand for their services across the Old World, and Armourer and Weaponsmith clans are among the richest.[1a]

Armourers and weaponsmiths make armour and weapons of all kinds, from leather to gromril and from daggers to Organ Guns. Rune weapons and armour fall under the control of the Runesmiths, and the Engineers' Guild produces the more complex war machines.[1a]

Chapters of this craftguild can be found wherever Dwarfs live. The largest chapter, and the base of the Armourers and Weaponsmiths craftguild, resides in Karak Azul. From here, weapons and armour are exported to other holds such as Karak Eight Peaks, and human lands as far away as Estalia, Araby, and the Empire.[1a]


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