Arianka is one of the Gods of Law, beings opposed to the Gods of Chaos.

Arianka, one of the Gods of Law

In the distant past, Arianka was defeated and imprisoned by an unnamed Chaos God and it is said that she lies in a crystal coffin, hidden somewhere in the Old World. Many places have claimed to have found her coffin over the centuries, the most recent, according to rumour, being Praag. It is also said that she can be freed from her coffin only by means of some crystal keys, whose location has never been found; it is not even known how many keys there are and whether they are hidden together or separately.[1a]

Arianka, sleeping in her coffin

It is rumoured that Praag has been so often attacked by the forces of Chaos because of what lay concealed there, even after the city was sacked during the Great War Against Chaos.[3a] This might refer to Arianka.

The Saviour of Remas

According to the Cult of Solkan, the demon Mardagg that was destroying the Tilean city-state of Remas after the removal of the elves from the old world, was only stopped when Solkan sent a Viydagg to battle him. They fought, so the cult says, for a year and a day before the good spirit conquered the daemon and imprisoned his soul in a bottle. Some elves think that such spirits are associated with another God of Law, Arianka.[2]


  • As reported by Graeme Davis's Blog she first appeared in the Third Citadel Compendium in 1985. Popular writers John Wagner and Alan Grant were hired to create a Warhammer-themed comic, and the result was the short-lived The Quest of Kaleb Daark. It was not clear what Arianka stood for, but she took the form of a beautiful young woman lying in a glass coffin in the city of Praag, awaiting the lost crystal keys that can free her. Like Kaleb Daark and his Chaotic patron Malal, Wagner and Grant retained rights to the character of Arianka, and all three were quietly dropped from Warhammer canon as Games Workshop set about establishing total ownership of their intellectual properties.


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