"He is everything a hero should be - sickeningly dull."
Atharis Emeraldsea[1a]
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During the Tournament for the Everqueen's Champion, Arhalien of Yvresse was considered the most likely to win. He is described as a tall, noble-looking Elf garbed in glittering armour, his shield bearing the heraldry of Yvresse.[1a]

Arhalien is known as a great warrior, having slain hundreds of Dark Elves, and never lost a tournament with lances. Indeed, tournament fighting is considered a sport in Yvresse.[1a]

He rides as though from Ellyrion, and fights like a Shadow Warrior. Brave, noble, of ancient lineage, a noted poet, a fine dancer, a bold warrior - and whilst none but Prince Iltharis is better with a sword than Tyrion, if anyone could match him, it was Arhalien or Prince Perian of Valaste. This in mind, Arhalien has more experience with lances than Tyrion, as well as tournament fighting.[1a]


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