Heraldry of Argwylon

Argwylon, the Moonspring Glades, is collectively a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Lord Thalandor Doomstar. Argwylon is a land of light and wonder, where the rivers are alive with naiads, and the waterfalls sing with ghostly voices. This is a realm of mages and magic, of daily deeds that would be thought miraculous in other corners of the forest. This is the only corner of Athel Loren in which many of the old traditions of Ulthuan endure and detailed historical records are maintained.[1a]

It should therefore be of little surprise that the Elves of the Moonglades consider themselves superior to their fellows — an attitude that endears them neither to others of their kind, nor to the spirits of their realm. Indeed, only the naiads of the Grismerie, who are famously unchoosey in the company they keep, can even bear to talk with them. By contrast, the Eagles of the mountains rejoice in their fast friendship with Argwylon, for nowhere else in Athel Loren can the Elves speak their ancient tongue.[1a]


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