A former fighting pit, whose sign is a chainmail glove, The Arena is a little different from other inns. First-time visitors are struck by the large sunken area in the middle of the room, and the gutters carved into the stone floor that ferry spilt ale and vomit away on busy nights. The Arena has this striking appearance because it was originally a fighting arena, until Hargin Gagrimson, one of the tougher pit fighters in town, bought and renovated the place. That sunken area used to be the pit and those gutters once carried away blood.[1a]

To get down into the main drinking area, still affectionately called the pit by regulars, you have to walk down a flight of stairs. The pit is seven feet deep and 30 feet in diameter and has an overhang running around its edge. The spikes that once prevented combatants from climbing out now hold the candles to light the pit. On the floor of the former arena, there are half a dozen tables and the potboys are constantly ferrying drinks down from upstairs. Drinkers who don't like getting too far away from the alcohol sit on benches around the pit. Upstairs from the bar is a common room and several private rooms where pallets can be rented.[1a]

Occasional bands of entertainers perform at the Arena, and on such special occasions the tables are moved out of the pit and it is turned into a stage, with the audience looking down at the performers. The acoustics aren't the best, but it puts the viewers in a ripe position for throwing food at performers who disappoint.[1a][1b]

Hargin is a Dwarf and has managed to get good deals on Dwarf concoctions like Zhufbar Ale and Korben's Finest beer. He sells these for the price of normal drinks, which has won him many loyal customers. Not everybody loves Hargin, though. The other pit fighters in town resent the loss of their pit and their livelihoods, and threaten Hargin's business by throwing bricks with angry notes wrapped them through his windows. So far they’re just a nuisance, but the pit fighters are violent and unimaginative men and things are bound to escalate.[1b]


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