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"Forged from the other world, six treasures shall he posses. Upon his head the crown shall see all, and open eye will prove woe to mortal kind. Then he shall ride unto the world. Here will four be united into one. And five shall be the armies of doom. Then will the world know that the last war has begun. With the coming of doom will march a lowly boy. Anger shall be his nourishment and blood his wine. And from the land tamed will rise a champion. Disease shall be his downfall and saviour divine. A king's son shall be the chosen. In power will he thrive and glory in his name. And with the coming of the end times, the old will fall by the hands of the new."
The Prophecy of Fate.[1]

Once Archaon was coronated as the Everchosen of Chaos, he selected the greatest of his followers to become his lieutenants. Each of these Chaos Champions was a mighty warrior and leader in their own right, commanding a portion of Archaon's armies, which were dedicated to either a particular Chaos God or all equally.[1]

Those lieutenants who were pledged to a single god were known as The Four, and each had been prophesied to serve Archaon in bringing about the End Times.[1]

Lieutenants of Archaon


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