"His is the grim, unending task of uprooting and shattering evil in all its forms."
The Arch Lectors of the Sigmarite Church.[2]
Warhammer Arch Lector

A mighty Arch Lector of the Cult of Sigmar.

Arch Lectors are powerful Warrior Priests of Sigmar, who serve under the Grand Theogonist as leaders of the Sigmarite Church.


Apart from High Priests (or in the Cult of Sigmar, the Grand Theogonist), Arch Lectors represent the ultimate rank that can be achieved within the holy orders. Ostensibly, they must be the wisest, most devout, and most accomplished members of their faith: eminent personages even among the great and the good.[1a]

They must lead the cult through perilous times. The future of their god’s followers in the world is in their hands. Needless to say, such responsibility is a heavy burden.[1a]

Arch Lectors are often already aged when they attain their position. However, this is not a position that a priest can achieve simply by serving his time and keeping out of trouble. Sometimes younger, energetic priests are recognised for their talents, and given the rank of Lector or, in unusual cases, Arch Lector. Most cults cannot afford to squander what talent they have, and the Old World is not the sort of place in which complacency and seniority trumps skill, devotion, and talent.[1a]

Arch Lectors usually represent a territory or an important city. A territory can be as large as a province or even several provinces. They have the final say on religious matters that arise in their territory and are answerable to none save the High Priest of their order and the Emperor himself. Orders within a cult might be represented by either a Lector or Arch Lector, and this gives a good indication of the status of that order.[1a]

Notable Arch Lectors

  • Aglim - Arch Lector who served alongside Kaslain.



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