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"I have slaughtered armies of Elves! I have broken the backs of Dragons, and eaten the hearts of sea-leviathans!"
Arbaal the Undefeated, on his many great victories.[3]

Arbaal the Undefeated, Destroyer of Khorne.

Arbaal the Undefeated, also known as the Destroyer of Khorne, was an ancient and powerful Champion of Khorne who wrought many woes upon the world during the time of the Great War, and it is said that he still lives to this very day, a Champion who has remained undefeated for countless centuries. Thousands have felt his axe blade at their necks and now their white skulls lie at the feet of Khorne.[1a]


"Fill the moat with the corpses of your comrades. Trample on their broken carcasses to reach the ramparts. Bring down the walls with the weight of the dead."
Arbaal the Undefeated, at the Siege of Praag.[6]

In the year -830 IC, Arbaal the Undefeated, the Destroyer of Khorne, was tired of finding no foes worthy to face him in the mortal world. It is said that he rode into the Plain of Skulls to challenge Khorne himself...[4a]

The Destroyer would not be seen again until many centuries later, when he fought in the Great War Against Chaos. At the Northland city of Praag, Arbaal led a hundred daemons in the assault on its boundaries. It was Arbaal who finally broke the gates of the city with his powerful axe, beginning the slaughter. He would go on to slay thousands of its unlucky defenders.[2]

The Champion of Khorne would later survive the final great battle of Kislev, which saw the deaths of many of the Dark Gods' greatest followers, such as Valnir the Reaper and even the mighty Everchosen himself, Asavar Kul.[2]

Arbaal is the favourite of his master and his most devoted servant. Khorne has gifted him with the power of the Destroyer, a reward that belongs to Khorne's own Champion alone. A relentless fury of destruction and blood-letting descends on Arbaal whenever he wades through his foes in battle - no one has ever been able to withstand his attacks. He is was ever aware of the eyes of Khorne upon him, knowing that should he ever flee a battle, the terrible wrath of his patron deity would descend upon him and turn him into a Chaos Spawn. Thus is the punishment for failure...[1a][2a]

End Times

Attention, Empire Citizens!
This article contains information regarding the End Times, the actual canon ending of Warhammer.

Arbaal participated in the End Times, acting as the mightiest of Archaon's mortal followers. When he was instructed to defeat the Elven armies of Caradryan, all believed that he would stand triumphant, even against the living Incarnate of Fire. In the ensuing battle, his mighty axe reeked of hot blood, leaving trails of crimson smoke behind as he slaughtered his way through rank upon rank of Ulthuan's finest.[3]

Khorne's greatest follower would finally be defeated, however, slain during a fierce duel against the Incarnate in which he could have won, had his arrogance and hubris not betrayed him...[3]


  • Hound of Khorne - The Hound of Khorne is the Blood God's own Flesh Hound, a Daemon of huge proportions combining the attributes of a Flesh Hound with massive size and power. Only Khorne's chosen Champion is rewarded with the Hound of Khorne, which the Champion rides in the fashion of a monstrous beast.[1a][5b]
  • Destroyer of Khorne - The Destroyer of Khorne is the gift Khorne, the god of war, gives to his most favoured of Champions. It turns Arbaal into a tireless warrior; a hurricane of fury and destruction upon the battlefield.[1a][5b]




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