From the lands of eternal desert they come, crossing the sea to reach the Empire, in search of the city spoken of in frightened whispers and imagined in childhood nightmares; Mordheim – City of the Damned.[1a]

Not all hirelings are warriors and the merchants of Araby are not known for their martial prowess. Rather they are advisers, treasure seekers and collectors of the arcane. Found within the shady bazaars of seldom trodden streets and darkened taverns, they have an uncanny knack of finding the best equipment for the best price, tapping into the vein-like underworld network of black markets and foreign traders providing for any would-be adventurers.[1a]

Experts in treasure and antiques, they seek their own fortune in the forgotten artefacts buried deep beneath the city but require a warband's protection. Reciprocal then is this relationship. Although keen to avoid conflict, their employers’ keep them close at hand, as a smooth talking merchant is not to be trusted when treasure and glory is at stake...[1a]


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