Arabian Djinn Araby Warmaster Miniatures

An Arabyan Magician summoning a Djinn (Warmaster).

Arabyan Magicians, known in their own tongue as Fakirs[2], are the great sorcerers of Araby - Mystics of the southern deserts and court Magicians of the Sultans themselves.


In the distant past the Arabyans were renowned for their studies in the magical arts, whether they were originally taught by the Elves, as were the men of the Old World is not known. The Magicians of Araby have mastered a strange aspect of colour magic, known as Elementalism, which is based on the four primary elements: earth, wind, fire and water. They have also learned how to capture and control the strange elemental beings known as Djinn.[1][2]

Unlike the flamboyant and fabulously wealthy sorcerers of the cities, the Mystics of the nomadic desert tribes are more shamanic and are revered by their fellow tribesmen. These scholars are an integral part of the tribe and take a great part in guiding and motivating the tribe as a whole.[2]

Magicians may ride flying carpets - aerial spirits bound into the spiralling patterns of carpets. Their ability to bind desert daemons to their will enables Arabyan wizards to command Djinn to carry them from place to place.[1a]

During the Crusades, Fakirs were infamously used by General Mehmed-bey to turn the waters of an oasis into wine. Surrounded by Mehmed's army and despairing of thirst, the Crusaders encamped there were eventually forced to drink the magical wine - a liquor of such potency that neither man nor horse could withstand its properties. The stricken knights were then mercilessly slaughtered by the General's elite Sipahis cavalry...[2]

Arabyan Elemental Magic

The magic of the Djinn is a rare, almost lost, art among Men. It is the preserve of the Djinn of the deep desert, and of those Djinn unfortunate enough to have been captured.[2]


  • Sand Storm - The sorcerer commands the desert spirits to engulf his foes in a swirling cloud of choking sand and dust.[1a]
  • Mirage - The sorcerer creates the illusion of a huge host of fearsome warriors, bearing down inexorably upon his startled foes.[1a]
  • Sunstrike - Bright beams of burning energy leap from the sorcerer's eyes and scythe through all before him.[1a]
  • Curse of the Djinn - The sorcerer channels the immense power of the Djinn through his own body and lays a terrible curse upon his foes.[1a]
  • Riding the Wind - Invoking the Element of the Air, the caster rises up on a warm breeze, only to set down again on another part of the battlefield.[2]
  • Skin of Stone - Calling upon the Element of Earth, the caster is able to make a warrior's skin become as hard as stone.[2]
  • Burning Hand - By invoking the Element of Fire, one of the caster's hands becomes burning hot, which he can use to smite enemies.[2]
  • Quicksand - By invoking the Element of Water, moisture rises up from the very rocks and sand, turning the ground into deadly quicksand.[2]
  • Storm of Magic - By breaching the very fabric of reality, the caster is able to summon a bolt of pure magical energy.[2]
  • Blessing of the Elements - The caster calls on the elements of the desert and draws upon the fortune they can bestow.[2]


  • In real life, Fakirs are Muslim holy men who are believed to possess miraculous powers.


  • Magicians.
  • Magician accompanying an Arabyan lord with a Djinn-vessel.
  • Magician enchanting a magical rope for a hero to climb on.


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