"Mad with hate, arrogant with pride, the Arabyan Knights came pouring down the valley like a flood of steel and fury. These were the terrors of the desert, the warriors who had kept a land twice the size of Bretonnia beneath the cruel fist of Sultan Jaffar."
The elite Sipahis of Araby.[2]
Arabian Knights Araby Warmaster Miniatures

Arabyan Knights (Warmaster).

Arabyan Knights, known in their own tongue as Sipahis[2], are the cavalry-elite of Araby.


Horses are highly prized in Araby amongst both the Sultans of the coast and the Sheiks of the inland deserts. The Arabyans are rightfully proud of their cavalry. They are ornately equipped with long lances, tall helms, and glittering armour.[1a]


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