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The Ar-Ulric, a mighty Warrior Priest.

The Ar-Ulric (which translates as Son of Ulric in ancient Teutogen), the High Priest of Middenheim, is the leader of Cult of Ulric, and is chosen for life from the ranks of the Howling Wolf's high priests by those high priests.[1d]

In recognition of the Cult of Ulric's unique position in the Empire's history, Magnus the Pious granted them one electoral vote during the creation of the Grand Conclave.[1e]


The Cult of Ulric is controlled by Ar-Ulric from the high temple in Middenheim. Almost all the cult’s high priests are from Middenland, but representatives from as far as southern Wissenland journey to the high temple when Ar-Ulric dies. Ar-Ulric is a very important figure, for he directly controls the entire cult, which includes the largest knightly order in the Old World, the Knights of the White Wolf. Further, he is also an Elector of the Empire, a position of great secular power, and the spiritual advisor to the Elector Count of Middenland. So, choosing the correct man is essential.[1d] Indeed, all Ar-Ulric have been pure-blood Teutogens.[1c]

Beneath the Ar-Ulric is the Grandmaster of the White Wolves and the high priests. Each major temple has one high priest, who has a single deputy high priest (sometimes called a denfather) to aid them. Beneath these are the various priests (often bearing a variety of titles), who will be given different local duties as the high priest and their deputy demand. Lastly, there are the initiates, the most experienced of which are generally promoted to commander, who lead groups of the trainee priests. All positions within a temple are appointed by the high priest, although he often delegates this responsibility. High priests and the grandmaster can only be appointed by Ar-Ulric.[1d]

Every year, during the Campaigning festival, the very best White Wolves are hand-picked by the Grandmaster and Ar-Ulric to join the Teutogen Guard. The Teutogen Guard is the Ar-Ulric's personal Company of White Wolves, who act as his bodyguard in his role as Elector of the Empire, and accompany him everywhere. Being selected for a tour of duty in the Teutogen Guard is one of the highest accolades a Knight of the White Wolf can receive, and is often the first step towards being inducted into the order’s inner circle.[1d]

The Cult of Ulric's political power, combined with the martial nature of its members, means that Ar-Ulric can wield tremendous military might should he require it. At such times as the state is unable or unwilling to deal with an enemy, Ar-Ulric is able to use his religious influence to call on his followers and his political power to procure State Troops, drawing together powerful armies to destroy the foes of the Empire in the name of Ulric.[4a]

Known Ar-Ulric

Name Reign Notes
Wulcan c. 63 Built the great temple of Ulric at Middenheim.
Bronnstein c. 1116 Died famously against a Skaven raiding party on the steps of Middenheim's High Temple.[1b]
Herrsher c. 1207 Revealed Dieter Helsnicht as a necromancer and drove him from Middenheim.
Krieger c. 1360 Relocated the centre of the Cult of Ulric from Middenheim to Talabheim after an invitation of Grand Duchess Ottilia.
Bardolph Age of the Three Emperors Defeated the army of Arch Lector Kolach who besieged Talabheim to relieve its Sigmarite population.[5]
Sehrhart c. 1567 Killed thirty Orcs at the Battle of Kleindorf
Franzsson c. 1975 Controversially accepted the Order of the Winter Throne (Ragnarites) into Cult of Ulric.[1a]
Kriestov c. 2300 Rival, and later ally, of Magnus the Pious. Led an relief effort into Kislev.[2a][3a]
Jarrick Valgeir Unknown Brother and predecessor of Emil Valgeir.
Emil Valgeir Unknown - Present Current Ar-Ulric.


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