The Ar-Ulric, which translates to as "Son of Ulric" in ancient Teutogen, is the leader of the Cult of Ulric, the second strongest religion in The Empire. The Ar-Ulric resides in Middenheim, which is the spiritual centre of the Ulrican cult, and is one of the electors of the Imperial Throne. They were granted the electorate by Magnus the Pious during the creation of the Grand Conclave.[1d]

Traditionally, every Ar-Ulric has been of pure Teutogen stock.[1c]

Known Ar-Ulric

Name Reign Notes
Wulcan c. 63 Built the great temple of Ulric at Middenheim
Bronnstein c. 1116 Died famously against a Skaven raiding party on the steps of Middenheim's High Temple.[1b]
Herrsher c. 1207 Revealed Dieter Helsnicht as a necromancer and drove him from Middenheim
Franzsson c. 1975 Accepted the Order of the Winter Throne (Ragnarites)[1a]
Kriestov c. 2300 Rival, and later ally, of Magnus the Pious.
Jarrick Valgeir Predecessor of Emil Valgeir
Emil Valgeir  ?-Present Current Ar-Ulric


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