Anton is not only a masterful Scribe, but also the inventor of a fabulous device – the pantograph. The pantograph is a mechanical wonder a Scribe wears like a glove. The glove is linked by delicate and cleverly jointed arms to another pen that duplicates the writer's every move. Thus Anton has invented a very crude sort of copying device. Whenever Anton performs his duties as a Scribe, he always uses the pantograph. This ensures he has not only the copy he submits to the client, but also a copy for his own records. That is why his life is now in grave danger.[1a]

One of Anton's clients was a wealthy Merchant. He had Anton carefully and studiously copy letters and stationary from the merchant's rough and barely legible hand into Anton's beautiful calligraphy. Anton then returned both the original and the copy to the client. But he kept the pantograph's copy for himself. It turned out that the merchant in question was actually a powerful magus of a Chaos cult. Encoded within those letters were instructions to his minions. Now the Witch Hunters have started to ferret the merchant out. He has burned all of his incriminating letters. It was only by a stroke of luck that he learned about Anton's pantograph.[1a]

Desperate, he needs all those letters and Herr Hollenberg destroyed to completely cover his tracks. Using his underground contacts, Assassins have been hired. Soon, a hapless Scribe will be stalked by professional killers.[1a]


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