"Walking, rotting Ogre flesh fused with ship debris and sea monsters makes for truly twisted abominations."
The decaying hulks of fallen Ogres.[1]
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An Animated Hulk.[1]

Animated Hulks are the Undead carcasses of brutish Ogre Maneaters who have been lost at sea.


An Ogre risen from the dead is amongst the most powerful of minions a Necromancer can control, and a most terrifying abomination to face in battle. The nomadic brutes sometimes take passage aboard ocean-going vessels on their worldly travels, but most are too dim-witted to understand the risk the ocean poses to them, since their dense bellies and hulking frames make them some of the worst swimmers in existence. Whether an Ogre dies by drowning or meets its end by some other means at sea, once its massive, waterlogged corpse spends a prolonged period floating in the briny water it becomes invaluable to seafaring Necromancers. Attributed to the mysterious effects of Galleon's Graveyard which touches everything that perishes at sea, the reanimation process applied to dead Ogres often yields unpredictable results, sometimes amalgamating their huge bodies with ship parts, or even sprouting limbs and additional heads of hideous sea monsters.[1]



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