Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer

"Behold, gentlemen! is beast is less ferocious than an old crone. Watch as I insert my entire foot into the dancing bear’s Vinny! Stop...urk!"
Anonymous Animal Trainer[1a]

Animal trainers breed and train animals for transport, hunting or entertainment. Their most common job is breeding riding horses and destriers for the horse markets, but animal trainers are also skilled dog and bird handlers that accompany nobles' hunting parties. Carnivals employ animal trainers as ringmasters to delight the masses with dancing bears and prancing ponies. Animal trainers can also serve the role of beast handlers in pit fighting arenas, though little effort is expended training the ornery fighting animals that were originally captured in the wild. Though Kislevite bear tamers are famous for their ability to train wild bears, most trained animals are born in captivity.[1a]


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