It has been many generations since anyone in the Empire wore uncured animal hides into battle. Such primitive armours were phased out centuries ago. The only ones who still use this type of armour are the Norscans, who wear the skins of polar bears, wolves, and terrible monsters when they go to war, partly for the protection these hides offer, but mostly for the added warmth. Evidence of hide armour still persists, though now mostly for decoration, among the Kislevites, northerners, and the fur lined caps of the easterners.[1a]

Hide armour is still available, but it’s heavy and cumbersome and far too hot in any environment south of Kislev. It cannot be combined with any other form of armour except for armour protecting the head. Incorporating pelts by themselves into armour is not the same as wearing layer upon layer of hides for armour.[1a]


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