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"Coin is coin, whether taken by force or guile."
Anethra Helbane[2a]

Anethra Helbane, matriarch of the Helbane dynasty

Anethra Helbane was a powerful Sorceress of the Dark Covent and former noblewoman of Nargarythe before the time of the Sundering.[1a]


When the Sundering tore apart Tiranoc and Nagarythe, those who had remained loyal to Malekith used their sorcery to save their castles, and created the Black Arks. One of these was the fortress of Athil Khairn, which was a renamed the Temple of Spite when it took to the oceans. The ruler of Athil Kkairn was Anethra Helbane, one of it Morathi's closest allies.[1a]

She had been raised amongst the cults of excess and her husband, Kedhron Helbane, travelled with Malekith in his journeys across the world and fought beside the prince against Phoenix King Caledor I. When Kedhron was slain during the Second Battle of Nagar, Anethra fought off attempts by Kedhron's brother, Hirsunor, to take control of Athil Khairn. Anethra eventually triumphed when she demonstrated her brother-in-law's involvement in a plot to poison Morathi - a plot that Anethra had engineered.[1a]

With the aid of her only son, Nurekh, Anetbra went on to found a powerful dynasty that has members in positions of power throughout Dark Elf society. Once, Anethra lived in Ghrond and was instrumental in the founding of the Dark Convent. By aiding Morathi, Anethra learnt many pacts and rituals with which to sustain and prolong her wicked life and she is just as ruthless and determined now, nearly five thousand years later. She lives in a great mansion with her son in Clar Karond, a city built upon her wealth and prestige, from where she controls the destiny of her extended family. From raiding fleets to armies, sorcerous artifacts to the Temples of Khaine, the Helbanes are a dominate power that must be appeased or negotiated with by all of the lesser families of Naggaroth.[1a]