Andrus Taurbach felt the calling of the woods and the Horned God early in his life in Talabecland. By the age of 13, he found the god's grove near his village and became an Initiate. On his annual retreat in the wooded Farlic Hills, Andrus embraced true wildness.[1a]

Visions from Taal's aspect as Karnos, Lord of Beasts, left Andrus madly animalistic for months. Holy men restored Andrus to sanity by taking him into their order and marking him with the facial and chest tattoos of the Horned Hunters. Andrus remained within the forests of Talabecland, making them safe for all of Taal's creations while embracing the Horned Hunter's ways.[1a]

Andrus has seen the rise of evil among the trees, having slain many Beastmen who hide in the forests since the death of the Beastlord Graktar. Rather than recluse himself among the woods, Andrus has become a notable Scout in Talabecland.[1a]

His rescue of the famed Demagogue Ionor Suarlat and her fellow Elves from Skaven resulted in him being awarded a prized elfbow five years ago and he has been an honored elf-friend ever since.[1a]

Other Horned Hunters whisper that Taal goads Andrus toward a destiny as a Ghost Strider. Andrus, as always, keeps his silence and simply listens to the winds, watches the trees, and ensures his weapons and senses remain sharp.[1a]


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