The Andanti are a hereditary order of secretive Vampire hunters who consider themselves chosen by Morr to be his holy warriors. Membership can be passed on through either sons or daughters, and there is only one Andanti per generation, so although they are all related, they have many names and live in many nations of the Old World. The dynasty traces its roots back to Estalia, where they fought the Undead even before the War of Blood. Now, the Andanti are scattered, and some are born who do not know their destiny as chosen hunters of the dead.[1a]

A member of the Andanti is marked by being born with a caul, a thin membrane covering the head. Midwives usually remove these cauls and press them onto a sheet of paper, as they are believed to bring good luck, especially to sailors. If the baby is lucky, a relative who is also Andanti hears of this and takes a special interest. The relative becomes a mentor, passing on knowledge that is hidden even from the other family members. Each Andanti maintains a small library of lore that would be of much interest to Witch Hunters. The young Andanti are trained in combat techniques that exploit the weaknesses of the Undead, and some are encouraged to spend time in the military to hone their abilities fighting mortals before they take on the dead.[1a]

Notable members

  • Kirsten Stumpfnase - Kirsten Stumpfnase was still being trained in the ways of Vampires by her uncle, Dagmar Benadamski, when things went disastrously wrong. He took her to the abandoned Axel Mansion, famous for its haunted reputation, so she could have some experience of Ghosts and the lesser Undead first-hand. When they arrived, it was not Ghosts but a powerful Vampire that they found. Dagmar was killed, and Kirsten narrowly escaped with her life. Now she travels the Old World, learning the ways of the Undead and hoping to track down the Vampire who killed her uncle.[1a]


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