Ancestor Cults

Ancestor Cults

The Dwarf Ancestor Cults are those cults that venerate the ancestors of each individual clan.[1a]


From the Dwarf perspective, the worship of clan ancestors cannot be separated from everyday life. No undertaking can commence without performing the proper rituals to solicit an ancestor's blessing. These rituals are specific to the individual clans, and clan members are taught the ritual protocols from their earliest childhood.[1a]

Many venerated ancestors were clan founders, or those who performed heroic deeds after the Time of the Ancestor Gods.[1a]


Each ancestor cult uses the appropriate clan insignia.[1a]


Ancestor cults are found in Dwarf settlements throughout the Old World and Norsca.[1a]


All clanhalls and each family dwelling have small shrines dedicated to clan ancestors. They may be as simple as a small table with a tankard of Dwarf ale and a small objective representative of the clan's craftguild, or they may be more elaborate, with a portrait of the ancestor, and perhaps some personal possession, prominently displayed. Some shrines may even be located along shrines dedicated to the Ancestor Gods.[1a]

Friends and Enemies

Ancestor cults are on friendly terms with the other Dwarf cults. They have little to do with other races, but are hostile to the Goblin races and other natural enemies of the Dwarf race.[1a]

Holy Days

The main festival of the ancestor cults is the Day of Remembrance for each Dwarfhold or settlement.[1a]

Cult Requirements

All Dwarfs belong to the ancestor cult appropriate to their clan. The senior clan elder leads worship, and acts as arbitrator should any dispute over cult practice or history arise.[1a]


All Dwarfs must abide by the following strictures.[1a]

  • Always honour one's clan ancestors on every Day of Remembrance.[1a]
  • Never perform nor permit an act that brings dishonour to the memory of a clan ancestor.[1a]
  • Always seek the blessings of an ancestor before an undertaking.[1a]


Ancestors rarely set trials for their descendants. When they do, these usually involve performing deeds to restore some minor loss of honour to the clan and fellow clansmen. Any clansmen who has committed grievous acts resulting in a great loss of honour must leave the clan and join the Slayer cult.[1a]


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