Dwarfs make a great many decorative pieces, out of gold, silver, bronze and gems. Of these, perhaps the most important are the Ancestor Badges, carried upon standards, carved into shields, fashioned into helmet designs or worn as brooches and necklaces.[1a]

The ancestor badges each depict one of the Dwarf antecedants. The most common are those of Grungni, Grimnir and Valaya, as well as some of the minor Ancestor Gods. However, each hold and clan also has its own ancestor badges to commemorate the lives and deeds of famous and lauded kings, thanes, engineers and other Dwarfs of the past. As a beardling grows up he will learn the identification of the various ancestor badges used by his clan, and as he comes of age he will choose those he feels best represent his skills and values. Thus, a learned eye can tell much about a Dwarf and his attitudes from the ancestor badges he wears.[1a]


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