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Not to be confused with Kurnous, Anath Raema is the sister of Khaine, and Goddess of the Savage Hunt. Through her, the Dark Elves are gifted the joy of chase and of the kill. Anath Raema does not care who or what is hunted; every living creature is prey to the bloodthirsty goddess.[1a]

The Savage Huntress is a vengeful deity, who about her waist wears a belt of heads and hands - tokens claimed from hunters who bore her blessings but offered no praise in return. Legend also tells that her amorous advances were once spurned by Kurnous, and so she is also worshipped by some Elves as a patron of jealous lovers; an avenging deity who will hunt down and slay those who have wronged her supplicants.[1a]

To the Wood Elves, Anath Raema is the dark mirror to Kurnous. While Kurnous is the honorable hunter, Anath Raema is the savage predator. Where the disciples of Kurnous venerate wild places, those who follow Anath Raema see them only as bounteous lands where the dominant predator can slake her fury in the blood of the meek. Such selfish behaviour is seldom tolerated in Athel Loren, for it is certain to upset the balance of the Weave, but it is rumoured that many embittered warriors of the Pine Crags have forsaken Kurnous in favour of a more vindictive mistress...[2a]

It is said in the legend of the Elves that when Draugnir, The Father of Dragons, was welcomed in Asuryan's Court Anath Rhaema saw him as a mere beast to be harried and hunted so she took her spear and started to hunt him through the heavens. The combat shook the world to its core. Asuryan halted the battle but it was too late to save the Dragon. With a single word he banished her to Mirai forevermore.

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