Anark von Carstein

Anark von Carstein.

A particularly brutal and dangerous Blood Knight, Anark von Carstein was perhaps the most ambitious vampire of Mannfred's get still surviving. He served as Grandmaster of the Drakenhof Templars, the greatest Blood Knights outside of the infamous Blood Keep itself.

End Times

At the beginning of the End Times Anark had been fighting in the Border Princes, leading an army of the dead on behalf of one petty warlord or another. He was large even for a Blood Knight, built for war and clad in dark armour composed of serrated plates and swooping, sharp curves. Those that saw him knew he had seen his share of battle, juding by the dents and scratches that had marked said armour...[1]

Upon his return to Sylvania, Anark was set at Arkhan's side by his father-in-darkness. His chief mission was to ensure that the Liche was not destroyed until after Alkanash was recovered. Anark entirely understood Mannfred's wishes. He would safeguard Arkhan during the Bretonnian campaign – beyond that, it would depend very much on whether or not the liche had outlived his usefulness to the von Carsteins.[1] 

Anark took part in the final battle of La Maisontaal, he slew Duke Theodoric of Bretonnia before the warrior could kill Arkhan himself, but received a grievous wound from the Duke's blessed axe in return.[1]

Despite saving Arkhan, it was merely because of his usefulness. When Mannfred finally deemed Arkhan unneeded, Anark engaged the Lich in combat. Despite his raw power and sheer strength, the Blood Knight was defeated when the Lich shattered his sword with unholy magic. Even after having his head impaled by Arkhan's staff, the hardy Vampire survived, needing to be dragged and chained to a statue, left to die die by sunlight.[1]


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