"Watch that one. She's got a tongue like a snake and nary a scruple. Still, she's got a weakness for Elven wine and handsome young footmen. I'm sure you can arrange something…scandalous."
Odmar Horst, Guild Envoy[2a]


Ambassadors,[1a] otherwise known as Envoys and Diplomats[2a][Note 1] are hired by nations, powerful noblesgreat merchant houses, guilds, or cults to represent their employer's interests in the Old World's various national and provincial capitals.[1a][2a]

While some ambassadors are chosen for their exquisite tastes and ability to spoil rivals and allies alike with carefully chosen words and gifts, others may be selected for their sharp minds, understanding of intelligence networks, or undeniable charisma.[1a] However, all ambassadors must be masters of negotiation and other social interactions.[2a]

Most ambassadors are granted the right to speak on behalf of their sovereign[1a] and some sort of immunity from the government of the court they are working in. Nevertheless, diplomats have many enemies, and the job is a dangerous one, only increasing in risk as the ambassador becomes more powerful. The highest courts of government abound with intrigue, and, should an ambassador fail in a task, their employer may become just the latest individual out to get them.[2a]

Most diplomats start out as heralds, working as aides to higher ranking ambassadors. If they find success in their profession, they may become more powerful envoys, with diplomatic staffs of their own. Occasionally, diplomats may find work with mercenary companies- the most successful are able to find victory without a fight.[2a]

In Kislev, ambassadors work tirelessly from their well-guarded embassies, keen to do whatever is necessary to catch the Ice Queen’s eye. Ambassadors in Kislev are of noble birth, for the Tzarina would never deign to meet a foreign peasant.[1a]


  • Note 1: In WFRP 2nd Edition, Envoy exclusively referred to Elven ambassadors. In WFRP 4th Edition, however, Envoy was the term for Ambassadors in general.


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