The Wood Elves within the Loren Forests traded crafts and food for ages through only a handful of trusted go-betweens, including Hugo Dorshield. That changed three years ago when a new baron came to Quenelles. The obstinate Baron Henri de Findrais insisted that elves were a dishonourable influence on Bretonnians due to their projectile weapons and their ability to see magic. He also made it a crime to consort with the elves in any way.[1a]

Hugo Dorshield's elf lover fell to the arrows of the baron’s hunting parties, and the human abandoned his leather goods shop to take to the trees of Loren. Hugo directs his revenge not at the hunters but the bigger game of their liege lord. A former hunter himself, Hugo knows to bait his prey toward a planned ambush. He has captured baronial hunters and knows the baron's overlord is due for deer hunting. Hugo plans overt harassment (peppering coaches or camps with arrows from hiding, startling horses with whistling arrows, etc.) to stoke the temper of the Baron de Findrais and lure his party deeper into the forest. The man knows the baron may likely expose his immoral actions and prejudices before the eyes of greater nobility. If not, Hugo and his few elf allies can confront his lies directly as they return his "cannibalized" men to him and ask about the fate of their envoys sent to the baron.[1a]


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