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"The golden, winged helmet of the prince acted like a beacon to the remaining elves and as he pressed forwards, they surrounded him with a dazzling shield of whirling swords. They were not so deluded as to believe they could defeat the entire army, but with the proud, gleaming prince leading them, they felt all the ancient glory of their race swelling their chests and strengthening their sword arms. Death was certain, but so was their place in history."
The Island of Blood.[3a]

Prince Althran and Sharpclaw.

Prince Althran Stormrider comes from a proud and noble family, one that can trace its ancestry back thousands of years to the first of the High Elf Phoenix Kings. Since that time Prince Althran's ancestors have led High Elf armies all around the Warhammer World, earning great glory and renown. Althran Stormrider is determined to carry on this grand tradition, and he will stop at nothing to protect his people and the domains of Ulthuan from the ravages of lesser, more primitive races.[1a]


Breach of the Unicorn Gate

In the midst of the winter of 2498, a brutal Dark Elf offensive led by Nihlesh of Naggaroth struck simultaneously at Griffon and Unicorn Gates. Although the gates held in both locations, Dark Elf Corsairs managed to scale the walls of the Unicorn Gate. Fighting with incredible ferocity, their raiding force was able to capture the east postern gate, if only for a few hours, the lethal form of Nihlesh scything down the Spearmen who sought to recapture it with his glittering longsword.[2a]

Although the Unicorn Gate garrison was able to recapture the postern gate after several hours of intense fighting, slaughtering the Corsairs and driving Nihlesh into retreat, they were not swift enough to prevent a sizeable force passing through and into Ellyrion. Several hundred Dark Elf Warriors, their advance heralded by swift Dark Riders and vicious Shades, quickly set upon the nearby villages, putting all to the torch in a display of violence and cruelty that sent shockwaves throughout Ulthuan.[2a]

Prince Althran, known as the Stormrider for his previous exploits within the fleets of Ulthuan, was given the dubious honour of hunting down the Naggarothi intruders. No sooner had the instruction been given than Althran sent his chief retainer, Anthaen Silverbrow to his family estates in northern Eataine to gather the Silver Stars and the family battle standard and bring with them Morai's Harvest, an ancient and valued Repeater Bolt Thrower.[2a]

As a sign of his own favour, Finubar assigned Kanedas, one of his personal heralds, and a company of White Lions to assist in the endeavour. Others at court quickly acted to support Althran's task. Admiral Albreth, an old ally and mentor of Althran, offered both a company of Sea Guard and an Eagleship to convey Althran's taskforce across the Inner Sea. Torian Doomblaze pledged the support of Caledor, departing quickly to gather further reinforcements from the fortresses that nestle amidst the Dragonspine Mountains.[2a]

Departing Lothern with all haste, Althran's commandeered Eagleship paused first to put ashore at the Shrine of Asuryan to take on board a company of Phoenix Guard. Days later it stopped again on the coast of Saphery to collect his old friend and ally Caladris before continuing on to Ellyrion.[2a]

Within two weeks of the Dark Elf raiding force passing through from Nagarythe, Prince Althran brought them to battle. Marching at the head of his army, Althran had only to follow the towering pillars of smoke that rose from the normally serene landscape of Ellyrion. The first encounter of the Stormrider's force was swift and decisive as Althran, atop Sharpclaw, brought a company of Dark Elf Spearmen to heel, purposefully driving them into the jaws of a trap — Caladris and the rest of the army hiding in the lee of a hill until the Dark Elves were too close to escape. The butchery lasted scant minutes.[2a]

As the High Elves had hoped, the slaughter of some sixty Dark Elves drew the rest of their kind in like moths to a flame, hungry for revenge. Battle was joined upon the grassy slopes of the Emerald Hills, east of Tor Elyr and the Dark Elf invaders were utterly destroyed.[2a]

In the aftermath of the battle, the Dark Elf prisoners were executed without ceremony, the corpses of the slain piled high and burnt. Their duty done, the High Elves returned to their provinces to grieve the fallen.[2a]

Wargear & Abilities

Like all High Elves, Althran is incredibly skilled in the art of combat. The magical Armour of Fortune he wears is an ancient family heirloom, and so beautifully crafted that his freedom of movement is completely unimpaired. Prince Stormrider takes to battle astride the noble Griffon, Sharpclaw. Althran fights his enemies with a silver-steel tipped lance in one hand, while the other hand directs Sharpclaw to swoop upon his chosen foe and cut them down with talons and beak.[1a]



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