"The streets of Altdorf were the site of some excitement this past Marketday as several of the townsfolk, tradesmen, and passers-by did stand amazed at the new statue being unveiled on Seventh Bridge. The statue is to commemorate the many and celebrated achievements of the most eminent Lady Elector, Hisme Stoutheart of the Mootland. Sir Bullywick Applebag, noted Halfling merchant and gentleman about town gave a speech as the chief patron of the statue, declaring it a “grand gift to Halflings everywhere.” The statue, cast in bronze and copper, is a likeness of the Elector, and was described by Applebag as “perfectly highlighting her firm bosom” and “world-famous hairy knees.” The work is raised on a six-foot tall plinth so that, it was said, “her stature would not be diminished compared to the other statues of great men of the Empire throughout our most great capital.” Huzzahs were given and then the statue was unveiled to much celebration and the serving of baked goods."

The Altdorf Spieler is the oldest and most established broadsheet in the Old World, and often points out this fact. Its reviews of theatre, entertainments, and society events have a large effect on the noble and merchant classes, and these are its primary audience. In effect it is a gossip magazine for the social elite of the city, and, apart from a few hardy reporters fighting against the flow, rarely covers anything of any greater substance. Equivalent works in other cities include The Middenheim Register, The Talabheim Confluence, and Nuln's City Whispers.[1a]


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